Finding Songs That Should Have Been Hits

I love music, especially music from the good old days of rock and roll, the 50’s and 60’s. I also love big band, show tunes, country….pretty much all but Rap and Hard Rock. My idea of hard rock is BTO.

Having finally gotten into the iPod era, I have worked long and hard to get every song I wanted on my iPod. There was a time when I thought I had all the songs I would ever want. But that only lasted a while before I found some more good songs to add. Then there came times when I couldn’t find a source with which to add some songs. “Triangle” by Joni Grant was one of those that took a long time to find. I added “Triangle” to the rarely heard songs a while back.

Two days ago I came across three of my 45 rpm’s that I had put aside to remind me I needed to find a source with which to get them on my iPod. I have found a source that will allow me to add lots of songs to my list of 5,583. The good news is two of the three 45’s were available. One is still out there somewhere and I will eventually find it. It is an Everly Brother song that has been very elusive.

Now, the two I was able to add came with mixed reviews. One was as good as I last heard it and the other was not as good as I last remember (yes, they are both part of the rarely heard’s). Both never charted so for some this will be the first time you have heard these songs.

But there was more to this search of music this week. While finding two rare songs, I also found one by a very popular artist that I had never heard. It did not chart but I truly feel it should have been a hit. In fact, it is now one of my favorites from this artist.

Who is it? Ricky Nelson. The song is called “That’s All She Wrote.” My best guess is it came out in 1962 and was an answer to Elvis and “Return To Sender.” Maybe Margaret can do some of her great research and give us all the details about it.

Here are the two I have in my 45 collection.

The first is “When Two People” by the Storytellers. It came out in 1963 and never charted. The group did more songs but none charted. I think this is a good song and should have gotten some air play and a spot in the top 40 somewhere.

The second is “The Flower Children” by Marcia Strassman. Does that name ring a bell? She played Julie Kotter on Welcome Back Kotter from 1975 to 1979. She would appear in 8 other series through the years. Like other television stars (Patty Duke, Paul Peterson, Shelly Fabres and Johnny Crawford) she got the idea to record a song. As you will hear, there is a reason she stuck to TV. I loved hearing it after such a long time but it is certainly not as good as I remember it.

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2 Responses to Finding Songs That Should Have Been Hits

  1. Margaret says:

    We watched “The Nelsons” every week…the main reason I watched was to see Ricky. He was SO cute and I loved his singing. I don’t ever remember hearing “That’s All She Wrote” before and I’m surprised it didn’t chart. I like the song. It may not be a Top 10 but should have been a Top 40. Ricky (or Rick as he later was known) was more rebellious in real life than portrayed on the show. It was a bitter pill for many of the artist of the rock and role era when music changed with the Beatles, Rolling Stones, etc. and they were more or less left behind. Thanks for bringing this song to light for us to hear.

  2. Ron says:

    I remember this song, Flower Children. I’m thinking that it came out with all that other hippie stuff during the Summer of Love (’67). It was OK during this time. But as you can tell, it’s not a work of musical art.

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